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We continue to be astonished, overwhelmed, and humbled by the response we have received from our supporters. Thank you for your unbelievable support of our mission, and for continuing to honor Brian’s legacy of service to others.

  • Allora
    Allora Corporate Sponsor
  • Aunt Dotty Short
    Aunt Dotty Short Hole Sponsor
  • Bill and Audrey Moody
    Bill and Audrey Moody Lunch Sponsor
  • Bryant Boone Moody
    Bryant Boone Moody Hole Sponsor
  • Burbage’s Grocery
    Burbage’s Grocery Corporate Sponsor
  • Charleston County Parks & Recreation
    Charleston County Parks & Recreation Hole Sponsor
  • Charleston Leaders
    Charleston Leaders Pre-Tournament Beverage and Hole Sponsor
  • Copeland & Boyd Johnson
    Copeland & Boyd Johnson Wine Sponsor
  • CS Exteriors
    CS Exteriors Title Sponsor
  • FHC Development
    FHC Development Presenting Sponsor
  • Finemark
    Finemark Media Sponsor
  • INW & Dallas One
    INW & Dallas One Title Sponsor
  • J&P Enterprise
    J&P Enterprise Title Sponsor
  • Janet Newham
    Janet Newham Hole Sponsor
  • Kevin Shealy Agency
    Kevin Shealy Agency Hole Sponsor
  • McFadden Pest Control
    McFadden Pest Control Hole Sponsor
  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy Audio & Visual Sponsor
  • Moody & O’Neal CPAs LLC
    Moody & O’Neal CPAs LLC Lunch & Golf Cart Sponsor
  • SC Federal Credit Union
    SC Federal Credit Union Corporate Sponsor
  • Southern Crown Partners
    Southern Crown Partners Hole Sponsor
  • The Cario Family
    The Cario Family Hole Sponsor
  • The Fordyce Family
    The Fordyce Family Raffle Sponsor
  • The Griffin Family
    The Griffin Family Hole Sponsor
  • The Snead Family
    The Snead Family Title Sponsor
  • Tony Pope State Farm
    Tony Pope State Farm Hole Sponsor

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